How do you stay positive?

  • Christine: I have learned that I can't just wait for somebody to make me feel better because usually they don't know what to do. I have decided not to just sit around all day and feel sorry for myself. Complaining doesn't really solve anything so I try not to. It doesn't do any good. I save complaining for when I see the doctor.
  • Katlin: I am very competitive, and want to do well at school and in sports. I can't focus on the negative if I am going to do my best. I always listen to music before games and swim meets and this keeps my mind off pain and lets me relax and focus on what I need to do to meet my goals.
  • Tyler: When I'm in pain, it affects my whole outlook on life. But nothing snaps me out of depression quicker than getting a phone call from a friend. Laughter gets my mind off my pain, and somehow, it has a lasting effect. Other great mood lifters: Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, or listening to a great song. I like to download my favorite comedians to my I-Pod and share an earbud with a friend. It's therapeutic to laugh with another person.
  • Brian: I like to listen to motivating music. And tell myself that life's tough let's make it tougher.

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