Share Your Stories

Here at SWIFT, we are constantly looking for those who wish to make an impact on their community, family, and friends. But in order to do that, you must start somewhere. Why not start with sharing your story on when you got diagnosed with spondylitis and how you are doing with your daily activities in school, work, and life. This great opportunity is open for all! Have you always wanted to share your story with others, but were too nervous of what they might say? Then this is your perfect chance as we are currently accepting stories to feature on our website.


  1. A short 2-3 paragraphs are all we need, (but more is ok as well!) describing how/when you were diagnosed with spondylitis, as well as a summary of your life and where spondylitis has taken you over the years, through the struggles and through the great times living with this disease.
  2. We would love a picture of you to show all of your beautiful faces on our website. For anyone who is under 18 we need parental consent for any pictures and will need to fill out a photo release.
  3. Please email everything to

Hopefully each month a new story will be posted! The more we get the more will be posted! We look forward to being able to help share your story with the world!

Thank you!

All our best from the SWIFT Team!

Living with AS

What's it like to live with spondylitis? What were your symptoms? When were you diagnosed? How do you take care of yourself? How does living with spondylitis affect your relationships with your family and friends? Does it affect your school life? We want to hear your stories!

In this section, we will post new stories from teens, just like you, living with spondylitis. This is your chance to share your story with a community of teens who have been diagnosed with spondylitis and may not know anyone else who has this disease.

Here are a few of your stories in our quarterly magazine: